Get your code

Add the following code to your website and follow the more options to customize it.

JS code:
<script src="//"></script>

HTML Code:
<div class="my-plugin-share"></div>
Required: jQuery

More Option

Customize your plugin

Attribute Value (Default) Option Description
share-url Your web link Web link If the attribute content any url link, your main url will be deprecated and share the new url provided.
show-total true true / false If the value is "true" total share count will display, otherwise total share count will not display on plugin
show-count false true / false If the value is "true" individual social share count will display. If both "show-count" and "show-title" values are "true" then "show-title" will display.
show-title true true / false If the value is "true" the social media name will display.
button-type blank round If the value is "round" then the button will be round in shape; "show-count" and "show-title" will not display
display inline sticky-left / sticky-right If the value is any one of the option given, the share buttons will display on left or right depending on the value
sticky-position 0px Ex: 20px / 20% This value is set 0px, if there is a valid value (Ex: 25px) the share button will start from left or right depending on the value

For example: <div class="my-plugin-share" show-count="false" show-title="false" ></div>